An essential part of our work is the dissemination of good information about fibromyalgia and other conditions.  We will be running both free and subscribed webinars throughout the year using our own expertise and that of guest speakers who are leaders in their field. 

The Future Clinic has established a small film production company.  Screaming to be Heard Productions will be making short informative films that will promote, not only the scientific issues around complex pain conditions, but also the social, cultural, and philosophical questions they raise.  Additionally, we will produce specific short films on things like medication, nutrition, mindfulness, principles of good condition management, the role of infection.


Watch this space for our short information films.  Through our interactions with you we will take on board the topics that are raised regularly and convert them into short films.


Many of you have expressed an interest in our proposed Webinar Series.   I am pleased to announce we are now in a position to start these in the Autumn 2019. 

To make things accessible to more people, we will charge individuals just £20 to attend these two-hour sessions.  The group sizes will be low enough so people can interact during the presentations and have time to ask questions.  Our philosophy is that by running these sessions in this way we can, hopefully, make it affordable for individuals and provide a chance to attend even from your home. 

All of the webinars and presentations will be telling a story based around individual experience and the science that may resolve the challenged those individuals face.  Each will be self-contained and can be watched as a stand alone, but will form part of an overall cohesion between different presentations.  Topics will include, the best use of medication, the potential role of pathogens in fibromyalgia, Lyme diseases and other co-infections, why take antidepressants for pain, how the immune system works and its potential role in fibromyalgia, nutrition, how on earth can I exercise with fibromyalgia, and many more. 

The spirit and style of the webinars will be in keeping with our four core principles of Kindness, Curiosity, Creativity, and Collaboration.  I want them to feel relaxed and informal, allowing you to feel part of the discussion.   We will run each separate webinar at least twice, depending on demand at different times of day to allow you the best chance of getting to see it.  I suspect we will do a morning and evening presentation on a weekday and a weekend.