Two weeks ago I did not think twice about eating out, buying food from the supermarket, shaking hands, hugging the people I love, sitting next to someone on a 'bus, and I had never heard the phrase 'social distancing' . Now, in such a short time if I see people touch on the TV, I feel a slight wave of anxiety come over me - an inner voice saying 'you shouldn't really be doing that'. A subtle wave, but nonetheless it is there. Do you know what I mean? Have you felt it?

In such a short space of time, our society is being redefined, restructured, it is evolving away from all that is familiar by the moment. It is scary, sad, and bewildering all at once. It is also creative, collaborative and, amazingly, funny at times. There has been so much generous sharing from individuals through to corporations. A man, who I'd never seen before, said to me from across the road (a good social distance away) 'stay safe my friend, these are such strange times'. I was very touched by this brief moment of shared acknowledgement and unprompted consideration for a stranger

I have been watching the global statistics unfold on Each day 100, 250, 600, 1400 dead. If we are not careful, it is possible to become blasé 'oh look, the numbers have gone down to 100 today'. But each one of those numbers is a daughter, a son, mother, father, grandfather, best friend, cousin, colleague; every single nameless number is heartbreak somewhere to someone. Be safe everyone Gary

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