Fibromyalgia Film - Crowd Making!

Oh my goodness, this is going to be fun if you're all up for it! I have wanted to make a film about fibromyalgia for years. Many of you would have heard me going on about it! Something that tells the story, the actual experiences of living with the condition, mixed with the science that we know about it. I started one a few years ago, but it never got finished.

No one knows what causes fibromyalgia, and you will see in a future post that we think it is the consequence of multiple factors that come together. It's a complex condition that I believe is made up of several different conditions that all fall under the same diagnosis. I learnt most about fibromyalgia by listening to all of you over the years and standing back and seeing what patterns emerge from the thousands of histories I have heard. It has been a great privilege to be trusted enough to be told these stories. Some key themes have emerged over the years, and I'd like to capture these in the film. To achieve this, we need to make the film together.

With the lockdown, I thought it an ideal time to do this by drafting you all in to make small video clips on specific topics as I go through the film. I love the idea of a film made with your actual words, simulating the process, for the viewer, that I have been through in formulating my thoughts and fascination with fibromyalgia. Maybe we can take those that watch it through the same journey?

So, here is the plan for the first stage. I want to invite you all to send in a small video clip of about 1 minute, describing two symptoms that you attribute to your fibromyalgia. One symptom you feel is quite common and a second symptom that you think is more unique. I have attached a short video outlining the idea, but in summary here is how it goes.

  1. Use your mobile.

  2. Shoot the clip in landscape mode (see picture)

  3. Record in HD NOT 4K as most people do not have 4K

  4. Stand against a plain background, white if you can or, if not, as light a colour as possible.

  5. Talk directly into the camera using a head and shoulders shot similar to mine in the video.

  6. The video should be less than one minute long in total.

Phone in landscape

When you have a version you're happy with, please email it to the future clinic at or send via WhatsApp to 07930390939.

You can also send it via Facebook messenger on our page, but please note, I am a bit naff on Facebook so would rather one of the first two options! Please add your name as you would like to see it in the film. Any questions or problems, please contact me. This is just the first stage. There will be more sections of the film I'll need you for, but let's see how this first stage goes! I'm very excited! Please stay safe and at home.... All the best Gary Please note by sending the clips to us you the following applies. 1. You assign to The Future Clinic the copyright and all other rights in your contributions for use in all media now known or which may be developed in future and you confirm that your contributions will not infringe the copyright, or similar rights, of any third party. 2. In the light of the need of production for flexibility, you agree that The Future Clinic may edit, adapt, or translate your contributions and you waive irrevocably any “moral rights” you may have in them.

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